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5 obstacles to channeling and how to overcome them

Updated: Mar 29

5 obstacles to channeling

The ability to channel, receive and understand intuitive messages is a precious gift. However, many obstacles can get in the way of this process, often linked to fear, doubt and other emotional blocks. Here are five things that could be blocking your channeling abilities, along with tips on how to overcome them.

  1. Witch wound: The fear of being judged or condemned for using your intuition can stem from deep wounds, sometimes even from a past life as a witch. This fear can inhibit your ability to open up to intuition.

  2. Limiting religious beliefs: If you've been raised in an environment where the spiritual world is perceived as evil or dangerous, this can create significant blocks in your ability to channel.

  3. Strong ego and over-analysis: A dominant ego and a tendency to over-analyze can keep you in a constant state of fear and doubt, blocking your intuitive connection.

  4. Unrealistic expectations: If you have preconceived ideas about how you should receive messages, you may miss subtle signals or feel frustrated if things don't go as planned.

  5. Low vibrations: Stress, unbalanced diet, drug use, lack of sleep and other factors can affect your vibration, making it harder for you to tune into your intuition.

My path to channeling

Personally, I faced most of these obstacles on my path to channeling:

⭐️ I discovered I had a witch wound, which explained my fear of being judged for my gifts.

⭐️ My ego was a constant companion, sowing doubts and fears about my ability to channel.

⭐️ My unrealistic expectations of how I should receive messages often frustrated me.

⭐️ Stress and anxiety kept me in a state of low vibration, making it difficult to access my intuition.

How I overcame these obstacles:

🌀Meditation was a powerful tool to calm my mind and raise my vibration.

🌀Past-life regression helped me understand the origin of my witch wound.

🌀Classes, private coaching and regular practice helped me develop my intuitive skills.

🌀The practice of manifestation has strengthened my connection with the spiritual world and opened new doors in my channeling.

Overcoming obstacles to channeling requires inner work, patience and perseverance. By engaging in healing practices, raising your vibration and cultivating self-confidence, you can open the doors to a deeper connection with your intuition and receive the precious messages that await you.


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Photo de profil de Meli Guidance

Meli Guidance is a certified advanced Akashic records practitioner, a past-life psychic and a channelling coach. She is also trained in oracle cards and tarot readings. Her specialty is helping people grow by reconnecting them with their soul’s purpose and life missions. She believes that by remembering our past lives and seeing what our life plan is for our current incarnation, we can achieve our future self’s highest potential. In addition to channelling spirit guides for people from all over the world in English and French, she offers online courses and coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to develop their ability to communicate with the invisible world.

👉 Find her on Instagram @meliguidance  👉 Find her on YouTube @meliguidance 


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