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How the crown chakra helps you to better channel

Meli Guidance  holding an amethyst crystal

The crown chakra is considered to be the most important chakra for channeling spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. While it is an important one, remember that balance is the key, and you want to make sure all your other chakras are cleansed and aligned to get better results.

What is the crown chakra?

The crown chakra is associated with spiritual connection, enlightenment, and the higher self. It is located at the top of the head and is often depicted as a lotus flower with a thousand petals, and is associated with the colour purple.

How does an activated crown chakra help channeling spirit guides? 👑Stronger connection to the Universe

When your crown chakra is open and active, you experience a heightened sense of spirituality and a stronger connection to the Universe or the divine realm. You are not attached to your identity but rather feel we are all connected. That sense of connection includes your connection to ALL living energy around you… including spirit guides! Sensing that connection therefore helps you feel the presence of your soul guides, making it easier to pick up on their messages.

👑Detachment from your belief systems With a balanced crown chakra comes a wisdom allowing you to have perspective about who you are, your patterns and your belief system. Having that perspective and detachment allows you to be open to your spirit guides’ guidance VS blocking a guidance because you feel threatened by it or don’t believe it could be true.

👑Ego in check People with a clear crown chakra are generally very ego-aware. They don’t operate in fear, victimization, superiority and/or selfishness. Having your ego in check allows you to give space to your spirit guides’ message rather than block them. Why? Because the ego loves it when you are safe and in the same routine or same pattern. It feels threatened when a guidance that could change your life comes in… even if this guidance could improve your life! 👑Letting go mode

With the detachment the crown chakra brings comes an ease to let go. That means you allow yourself to let go of any fear or misconceptions about channeling. You also let go of what channeling should sound or feel like, and allow yourself to let messages come through, however they come through, whether it’s clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience or clairaudience (aka the 4 clairs).

Signs your crown chakra is opening 1. Tickling and/or headaches

A tingling sensation over the head indicating an opening or a realignment of energies. It is also possible to feel dizzy in some cases. 2. Compassion and gratitude The ego takes up less space and thought patterns shift from "me" to "we”. There is also a rejection of all negative thoughts and energy.

3. Seeing life more clearly Understanding your life mission and being aligned with your values. A sense of connection to the invisible is felt, and channeling and manifesting become easier Affirmation to open the crown chakra These affirmations can be used as a daily practice to focus your intention and energy on opening your crown chakra: 🪷 I am open to receiving higher wisdom and guidance.

🪷 I am in tune with my higher self and inner wisdom.

🪷 I am grateful for the spiritual insights that come my way.

🔮 Want to open your crown chakra?

Join me in this video for a meditation exercise to open your crown chakra and deepen your connection to the spirit world ⤵

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Meli Guidance is a certified advanced Akashic records practitioner, a past-life psychic and a channelling coach. She is also trained in oracle cards and tarot readings. Her specialty is helping people grow by reconnecting them with their soul’s purpose and life missions. She believes that by remembering our past lives and seeing what our life plan is for our current incarnation, we can achieve our future self’s highest potential. In addition to channelling spirit guides for people from all over the world in English and French, she offers online courses and coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to develop their ability to communicate with the invisible world.

👉 Find her on Instagram @meliguidance 👉 Find her on YouTube @meliguidance


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