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What is reincarnation fatigue in old souls?

Reincarnation fatigue

Tired of reincarnating? Here's how to recharge your soul!

If you're an old soul, you've probably felt that reincarnation fatigue (aka old soul fatigue). It's a familiar sensation, a weariness that sets in with each passing lifetime. After all, the average soul reincarnates between 100 and 125 times! But how can we recognize this fatigue, and what can we do about it?

Signs of reincarnation fatigue

  • Discouragement and anger at the excesses of young souls: injustices, dictatorships, pollution, racism... All this can make you sad and angry, as you see these mistakes repeated down the ages.

  • Lack of enthusiasm and action: You feel powerless, as if your actions can't really change things. This can lead to inaction and procrastination.

  • Inexplicable fears: These are fears that seem to come from past lives. They are numerous and seem insurmountable.

  • Feeling like a black sheep: Within your ancestral lineage, you feel different, disconnected from the issues that have marked your family.

How can you overcome this fatigue?

  • Set yourself realistic goals: Use the small steps method to choose action over procrastination. Through simple but consistent actions, you can make a real difference.

  • Practice gratitude and healthy positivism: By developing a positive worldview and cultivating gratitude for the little things in life, you'll regain faith in the beauty of the world despite its imperfections.

  • Face your fears gradually: Take the time to work on one fear at a time, gently. Through meditation and visualization exercises, or by seeking professional help if necessary, you can overcome these obstacles.

  • Focus on your own path: Rather than exhausting yourself solving other people's problems, focus on your own development. Be the example that inspires others through your actions and positive attitude.

Need to recharge your batteries?

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Photo de profil de Meli Guidance

Meli Guidance is a certified advanced Akashic records practitioner, a past-life psychic and a channelling coach. She is also trained in oracle cards and tarot readings. Her specialty is helping people grow by reconnecting them with their soul’s purpose and life missions. She believes that by remembering our past lives and seeing what our life plan is for our current incarnation, we can achieve our future self’s highest potential. In addition to channelling spirit guides for people from all over the world in English and French, she offers online courses and coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to develop their ability to communicate with the invisible world.

👉 Find her on Instagram @meliguidance 👉 Find her on YouTube @meliguidance 

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