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The two types of old souls: pessimistic and optimistic

Types of old souls

Old souls, a concept that has fascinated people for centuries. They are said to have traveled a long road through multiple incarnations, accumulating wisdom and experience along the way as they journey through the cycle of reincarnation. In fact, an old soul reincarnates an average of 100 to 120 times before completing its reincarnation cycle -- that's a lot of experience! But did you know that there are two distinct types of old souls?

On the one hand, we have pessimistic old souls, and on the other, optimistic ones. These two archetypes represent the extremes of the spectrum of experiences and perspectives accumulated over time.

Type 1: Pessimistic old soul

Imagine yourself, after dozens or even hundreds of past lives, having observed a world torn apart by war, riven by racism, engulfed by greed and poisoned by hatred. For this old soul, each new incarnation seems to be a grim repetition of an old refrain. Pessimism sets in, tainting every interaction, every thought with the shadow of past experiences, which can create blockages.

For the old pessimistic soul, it's hard to hope. Any glimmer of optimism is smothered by memories of past injustice and suffering. Every effort seems futile, every victory ephemeral. “What's the point?” she murmurs, as the weight of centuries weighs down on her shoulders.

Type 2: Optimistic old soul

On the other hand, we have the old optimistic soul. Despite the trials and torments endured over the course of reincarnations, this soul retains an unshakeable faith in humanity. It remembers the pure love that resides in the recesses of the astral plane, and the capacity of human beings to learn and grow through love.

For the optimistic old soul, every new incarnation is an opportunity to create, learn and grow. She sees the untapped potential in every human being, and strives to nurture this flame of hope and enthusiasm. Despite the challenges, she keeps moving forward, creating new projects and inspiring those around her.

Some nuance...

After difficult past lives, you may be disillusioned and tired in your next incarnation. But that doesn't mean you're always a pessimistic old soul. We have other, more optimistic and joyful incarnations where we have faith in humanity and feel like biting into life to accomplish a ton!


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