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Signs Your Root Chakra is Balanced & How it Helps with Channeling

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The chakras are energy centers located throughout the body that help to regulate our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The root chakra, also known as the first chakra, is located at the base of the spine near the coccyx and is associated with stability, foundation, security, and the colour red.

How the root chakra helps you channel

When the root chakra is balanced, it supports all the other chakras and allows energy to flow to the higher chakras, making it easier to facilitate a psychic connection. It's important to remain well-connected to the material world even while channeling, and the root chakra plays a key role in this process.

3 signs that your root chakra is well-balanced

Sense of Safety and Security: When your root chakra is balanced, you feel a sense of safety and security in your physical environment and in your relationships. You trust that your basic needs will be met and that you have the resources to handle whatever life throws your way. You also feel safe in your sense of self and can trust yourself and your decisions.

Sense of Connection to the Earth: When your root chakra is balanced, you feel a strong connection to nature and a sense of oneness with the natural world. You may feel drawn to spend time outdoors or to work with natural materials like stones or crystals.

Ability to Manifest Your Desires: When your root chakra is balanced, you can express your desires and achieve your goals. You have a sense of stability and confidence that allows you to pursue your dreams with determination.

Affirmations to help balance your root chakra

"I am safe and secure in the world around me."

"I trust myself and my decisions."

"I am grounded in my physical body and connected to the Earth."

"I am worthy of abundance and prosperity."

By focusing on your root chakra and using these affirmations, you can open up a channel to your spirit guides and allow them to guide you on your spiritual journey while remaining grounded in the material world.

If you’re interested in going further into communicating with your spirit guides, I would love to support you on your channeling journey.

Want to go from theory to practice?

Join me in this video to ground yourself and activate your root chakra! ⤵

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Meli Guidance is a certified advanced Akashic records practitioner, a past-life psychic and a channelling coach. She is also trained in oracle cards and tarot readings. Her specialty is helping people grow by reconnecting them with their soul’s purpose and life missions. She believes that by remembering our past lives and seeing what our life plan is for our current incarnation, we can achieve our future self’s highest potential. In addition to channelling spirit guides for people from all over the world in English and French, she offers online courses and coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to develop their ability to communicate with the invisible world.

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