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5 powerful ways to open your heart chakra

heart chakra

One of the greatest lessons we've come to learn in our various incarnations is love. In fact, 100% of all my clients have love as one of their life missions... That's why it's so important to open your heart chakra!

Understanding the opening of the heart chakra

The heart chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit, is the energy center in the chest that governs our ability to love unconditionally, express compassion and feel empathy towards ourselves and others. When this chakra is open, we feel a deep sense of oneness with all that exists, and are able to share this love in a balanced, altruistic way.

The benefits of opening the heart chakra

By opening the heart chakra, you not only understand that we are all one, you can FEEL it. It's that feeling that we're all in the same boat; we all want to feel seen, heard and loved. An open heart chakra speeds up our journey on the path to love (of course!), but also to justice and peace, as it becomes much more important that all living beings are treated equally and with respect.

5 powerful ways to open your heart chakra :

1. Gratitude journal

Gratitude is a powerful energy that can open our hearts to universal love. Take a few minutes each day to write in a gratitude journal. Give thanks for life's small and big blessings, for the people around you and for the experiences that have shaped you. By acknowledging the many reasons to be grateful, you open your heart to the joy and abundance of love.

2. Rose quartz crystal

Rose quartz is a stone known for its heart chakra opening and emotional healing properties. Carry a rose quartz crystal with you or place it near your meditation space. Let its gentle energy envelop your heart, dissolving emotional blockages and allowing you to express love freely and authentically.

3. Love Affirmations

Love affirmations are positive phrases you repeat to strengthen your connection with universal love. Here are three examples of love affirmations you can use:

💚 "I am a being of infinite love, capable of giving and receiving unconditional love."

💚 "My heart is open and free, I let love flow through me and to others."

💚 "I choose to forgive and release all resentment, making room for love and compassion."

4. Loving-Kindness Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool for opening and balancing the chakras. Practice a loving-kindness meditation by focusing on your heart. Visualize a soft ray of pink light emanating from your heart and spreading throughout your entire being. Send this love to yourself, to your loved ones, to those who have hurt you and to all living beings. By cultivating kindness towards yourself and others, you nourish your heart chakra and spread love throughout the world.

5. Greet people on the street

Sometimes the simplest acts can have a profound impact on our hearts. Get into the habit of greeting people on the street with a warm smile and a sincere "hello". By acknowledging the presence of others and sharing a genuine human connection, you open your heart to love and compassion for all humanity.

Opening the heart chakra is a profoundly transformative journey toward unconditional love and compassion. By practicing these five powerful ways to open your heart, you embark on the path to emotional healing, spiritual connection and universal harmony. May your heart be open and filled with the love that unites every being in the universe!

Exercise to open the heart chakra

Join me in this video for an exercise to open the heart chakra with lotus mudra and 639 hertz frequencies.

Photo de profil de Meli Guidance

Meli Guidance is a certified advanced Akashic records practitioner, a past-life psychic and a channelling coach. She is also trained in oracle cards and tarot readings. Her specialty is helping people grow by reconnecting them with their soul’s purpose and life missions. She believes that by remembering our past lives and seeing what our life plan is for our current incarnation, we can achieve our future self’s highest potential. In addition to channelling spirit guides for people from all over the world in English and French, she offers online courses and coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to develop their ability to communicate with the invisible world.

👉 Find her on Instagram @meliguidance 👉 Find her on YouTube @meliguidance 


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